Hair Straightening Brush Maintenance


To properly care for your brush you must clean it regularly; the good news is that this is a very simple and straightforward process. All you need is a soft, damp cloth and possibly some cleaning solution to get your brush nice and clean. Before you start cleaning your brush, you should make sure that it is unplugged, because even though you can use it on damp hair, you don’t want to expose the electrical wiring on your brush to any water during the cleaning process. It is a good idea to remove any strands of hair that are in the bristles of the brush before you start cleaning it as well. Once you verify that the brush is unplugged and there are no strands of hair left in the bristles, you can go ahead and start wiping it down with your damp cloth. Be sure to clean the small spaces in between the bristles, as this is where a lot of the residue and buildup from your hair care products can be found.

I like to clean my brush when it is completely cool, but I know some people think that it is best to clean them when they are slightly warm. I don’t like the idea of touching a heated styling tool and possibly getting burned, so I just use warm water when I am cleaning mine instead. If you do choose to clean your brush when it is warm, be very careful that you don’t burn yourself. Gently rub your damp cloth all over the brush to remove any dirt and built-up residue. If you are having a hard time getting rid of any residue you should consider using a cleaning solution to help you clean your brush properly.

The Dangers of Buildup

When you use a lot of products in your hair, over time the residue from these products will start to build up on your straightening brush and other hair styling tools. This residue build-up can increase the risk of your hair getting damaged by heat and it can also reduce the effectiveness of your straightening brush as well. If your brush is not able to perform effectively because of build-up then your hair will come out looking lifeless and dull, and we don’t want that now, do we? So clean your brush regularly and avoid the damaging effects of having build-up.

Some Warnings

Although it may sometimes be tempting, avoid using hard toothbrushes or any kind of metal to clean your hair straightening brush. Hard and abrasive materials can potentially damage your brush by scratching or breaking its surface, and this, in turn, can result in damage to your hair. A soft damp cloth and a good cleaning solution are all that you need to clean your brush effectively.

After you clean your brush, give it enough time to dry completely before you attempt to use it on your hair again. You should also allow it to heat up for an extra couple of minutes before you use it to straighten your hair so that the heat can burn away any remaining residue from the cleaning products that you used to clean it. Allowing your brush to heat up and burn away chemical residue will prevent the bad stuff from getting into your hair; when you use your hair straightening brush you certainly don’t want any cleaning solution to get in contact with your hair, as this will obviously cause damage to it.

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